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Epic Road is a luxury travel design company that creates bespoke journeys to Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, the Arctic, and Antarctica. Epic Road's mission is to use leisure luxury travel as a vehicle to elevate consciousness. Satellite collar a lion with conservationists, join a bow and arrow hunt with a click-speaking nomadic tribe, give the gift of solar light to a community without electricity, climb a glacier with a climate change scientist... and then dine, drink and dream at the world's most extraordinary hotels. 

Below is a categorized sampling of our favorite signature experiences.


  • The Great Migration - One of Earth’s most thrilling spectacles—and one of Africa’s most consistent draws. Every year, millions of zebra, Thomson’s gazelles, giraffe, and wildebeest move northwards across Africa from Tanzania’s Serengeti Plains to Kenya’s Maasai Mara in search of food and water. Whether you’re watching it from an open vehicle, on foot, or in a hot air balloon (yes, really) the great migration is a seriously spectacular sight. 

  • Gorilla Tracking - With less than 800 mountain gorillas remaining in the wild, the time to see them is now. Ascend the slopes of Rwanda’s dormant volcanoes into dense, misty green forest, and come face-to-face with the great ape who shares 95% of our DNA. Be amazed by the eerily familiar behavior of these intelligent, charismatic and endangered species as they eat, nap, and play in family groups.

  • Swimming with Whale Sharks - Snorkel or dive with massive whale sharks in phenomenal sites across the African continent. These gentle giants dwell in Mozambique, the Seychelles, the Maldives, South Africa and near Mnemba Island off the coast of Tanzania. 

  • Chimpanzee Trekking in Greystoke Mahale - Unspoiled, in a remote part of western Tanzania, far from the usual safari circuit and about 100 miles from the nearest road, the dense mountain forests of the Mahale Mountains are home to the largest known chimpanzee population in the world, making it one of the best places on earth to come face to face with our closest relatives in the animal kingdom… . 


  • You & Out Of Africa - Want to soar above Kenya’s marvelous landscapes in a relic from a bygone era - the original Gypsy Moth biplane made famous in Hollywood masterpiece “Out of Africa”?This plane now resides at the stunning Segera Retreat in Laikipia, Kenya and in exchange for a $50,000 donation to Segera’s 4C projects - initiatives related to Community, Commerce, Culture, and Conservation - you can take a ride in this piece of cinematic history.

  • African Diamond Safari - Scuba dive for your engagement ring in the exotic waters off the coast of South Africa, where the rough Benguela current roils around 1.5 billion carats worth of conflict-free diamonds, almost guaranteeing you a successful catch. Spend the day scanning the ocean floor for shimmering gems and decompress afterwards with wine and freshly caught seafood while local experts cut, polish and set your chosen stone into a dazzling bespoke ring. A keepsake and a memory to wear on your finger forever. 


  • Swimming with Penguins - A day at the beach takes on a whole new meaning when you’re hanging with 3,000 penguins off the southern tip of Africa. While the views (and penguin photo ops) are great from the wooden boardwalk, we encourage you to take it one step further and swim with these amusing creatures as they playfully dart in and out of the warm ocean water. The sand there is soft, the surf is calm and the entertainment is first-class.

  • Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand -  Take a boat cruising in search of a pod of wild dusky dolphins in their natural aquatic habitat near a small coastal village on friendly New Zealand’s gorgeous South Island. Then put on a snorkel and go for a swim. These playful creatures may hang around for an hour if you entertain them. We’re confident you’ll walk away from your interactions with these lovable and intelligent mammals not only with profound memories but also with a newfound respect and love for their species and an awareness of the threats to marine life worldwide. 

  • Luxury SafariCome face-to-face with the planet's most spectacular species by day and lay your head to rest at mind-blowingly luxurious safari lodges by night. Whether by hot air balloon, 4x4, bike, foot or canoe, whether you're looking for a storybook African Safari, an iconic Tiger Safari in India or an exhilarating Northern Lights Safari in the Arctic - you're in good hands. Take a warm bath overlooking the expansive African Bush and a breathtaking sunset while elephants pass by just a few yards away, trail a migrating blue whale along the continental shelf by private plane, sip champagne while watching a lion kill, chase the gorgeous Aurora Borealis across endless arctic terrain by dogsled...what are you waiting for?

  • White Water Rafting - High-octane adventure awaits, so what will it be? The rushing waters of Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World or those of the unchartered Kingdom of Swaziland?

  • Canoe Trails - Paddle a canoe silently through the winding waterways of Botswana’s Okavango Delta, including the famous Selinda Spillway, inevitably encountering hippos, buffalo, elephants and endless water birds along the way.

  • Shadow Narwhals & Polar Bears - Fly off to an Arctic base camp directly at the flow edge of the sea ice. Enjoy the wild beauty, kayak amongst floating ice and hike snowcapped glaciers, all while seeking out extraordinary ivory-tusked narwhals and roaming polar bears. 

  • Snorkel & Scuba - Snorkel or dive along the ice floe edge of the Arctic with massive bowhead whales, in the bathtub like waters and through the marine meccas of the Seychelles and the Maldives with 30 foot manta rays and brightly colored tropical fish, the coastal waters of South Africa, the award-winning sites of Mozambique or the historical shipwreck sites surrounding Sri Lanka. 

  • Snooze in the Desert - Stay at the Little Kulala, a luxurious retreat amidst Namibia's extraordinary Sossusvlei, towering sand dunes and illustrious starry skies. The lodge features 11 stylish thatched massive villas, each with a private rooftop sky bed so guests may indulge in romantic stargazing and literally sleep under the stars.

  • ANTARCTICA - The 7th continent, the single most dramatic, spectacular and untouched landscape on the planet - an ABSOLUTE must. Watch pods of killer whales hunt, marvel at the sheer size of blue and humpback whales as they swim up to your zodiac, visit beaches teeming with hundreds of thousands of curious penguins, and do all of this from the most luxurious ships known to mankind - including the National Geographic Explorer.

  • Luxury Camping in Antarctica - Fly by private jet beyond Antarctica’s periphery to its starkly beautiful interior where you’ll touch down next to the continent’s only land based accommodation, a place so exclusive and so luxurious that if you have to ask how much it costs you probably can’t afford it. During the day, embark on adventures unlike anything you’ve experienced before: go kite-skiing or explore empty ice caves, encounter a colony of enchanting Emperor penguins, and touch the elusive south pole, thereby earning the bragging rights of a true polar explorer. In the evening, celebrate the day’s escapades with free flowing champagne and meals created by an award-winning chef, then retire for the night in a glamorous heated sleeping pod. As you lay your head to rest, ponder your awe-inspiring surroundings and the enormity of the privilege to sleep out in this raw, remote place that few souls will ever get to see. 

  • MONGOLIA - Ride side-by-side with Kazakh horsemen during the annual Golden Eagle Festival, or witness history in action as a bystander at the traditional Naadam games, steer a camel through the desert or sleep under the stars in a traditional ger. Watch wild horses, reindeer and snow leopards roam free against a multitude of awe-inspiring landscapes—from the sand dunes of the Gobi Desert to the snow-capped Altai Mountains. With about 250 sunny days per year and a blue sky that stretches on forever, Mongolia is a dream destination for travelers who prefer their adventures completely untamed, and totally untouched by the modern world.


  • Lion - The super adventurous can join an expedition with legendary scientist and wildlife conservationist Dr. Philip Stander as he tracks desert-adapted rogue lions on foot through their natural habitat. The beauty of this itinerary is that there is none: Lions are lords of their environments, and the animals set the pace. Are you ready?

  • Rhino - Locate a rhino by helicopter and help a small team place a microchip within its horn (allowing the animal and its horn to be tracked should it ever fall prey to poachers). The opportunity to be in close proximity to such a prehistoric creature is magical and the chance to be an active participant in saving one of the world's greatest species is unprecedented.  

  • Buffalo - Help a small team secure a satellite collar around a 3000 pound Cape Buffalo so that scientists can learn more about this incredible species. A thrilling experience not many have access to and a great cause. Watch the following video to learn more.

  • Cheetah - Help a small team secure a satellite collar around a Cheetah so scientists can monitor and analyze their behavior for conservation purposes. A thrilling experience not many have access to and a great cause. Watch the following video to learn more.

  • Elephant - Foster an orphaned baby elephant and bottle feed him before bed at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust - one of the most revered animal rescue organizations in the world - or sleep amongst these incredible creatures and be hosted by an authentic Maasai guide. 

  • Pangolin Night Safari - Go in search of the elusive Pangolin - the most-trafficked mammal in the world - on a star-filled night walk in South Africa with only the moonlight and your torch to guide you. As you wait for this scaly, nocturnal creature to emerge from its burrow you’ll hear from a renowned scientist about the passionate conservation work they’re doing to save this endangered species.

  • Maldives Coral Reef Rehabilitation - Have an unforgettable close-up encounter with one of the most threatened ecosystems in the world and lend crucial support to an important conservation initiative as you work side by side with a marine biologist to build back coral reefs, all while staying at one of the most exclusive spots in the Maldives known for its azure lagoons and secluded beaches. 

  • Marine Life - We can arrange special access to work with world-renowned marine biologists and scientists, and these efforts conveniently take place in some of the most exotic destinations in the world. Activities include working with the Giant Aldabra Tortoises, sea turtles, sharks, manta rays and coral. 


  • Hunt with a Tribe - Visit the Lake Eyasi region in Tanzania and go on a bow & arrow hunt in search for food with the Hadzabe, a nomadic click speaking hunter-gather tribe.

  • Visit Sumo Stables in Japan - Become privy to the discipline and traditions that go on behind the scenes in the life of a Sumo wrestler with a morning visit to one of Tokyo’s legendary Sumo stables. Observe the special nuances of this ancient sport and you’ll understand why these athletes are still revered in modern day Japan. Later, visit Tokyo's National Sumo Hall and witness former champions demonstrate classic moves and aspiring ones compete against each other in bouts that usually last for just a few intense seconds.


  • Private Fine Dining with Geisha - This once in a lifetime experience takes place in a restaurant you will find in no guidebook and which only accepts reservations upon recommendation from existing patrons. Over the course of an exquisite kaiseki dinner, you will be privy to world-class entertainment and exclusive entertainment, musical performances and drinking games with Geisha.

  • Library Boat - Starting in Luang Prabang, set out on a floating library boat and deliver books and Luci Solar lights to children in remote villages along the Mekong River. A Luci Solar Light Drop is a signature experience that supplies portable, durable inflatable solar lights to impoverished areas, allowing residents the opportunity to live more safely and productively, and allowing children to read their new books far into the night. You’ll also have the opportunity to read to the children yourself and to instruct their families on how to use the lights—empowering for all in more ways than one. It’s an unforgettable and deeply gratifying experience.

  • Give the Gift of Solar Light - Distribute solar lights to energy poor communities and villages and change a family's life. 

  • Sri Lanka Festival - The Kandy Position Festival takes place once a year, where 100 elephants, 3000 Kandian dancers and 1000 drummers take to the streets with tens of thousands of locals for an extraordinary full moon celebration. A great excuse to visit this enchanting island, home to leopards, peacocks and blue whales with tongues that weigh more than the elephants themselves, pristine beaches, shipwreck diving sites, ancient walled cities and ruins - completely devoid of pollution and entirely surrounded by the Indian Ocean. 


  • Private Cooking Lessons - Walk through the famous Tsukiji fish market in Japan, the winding souks of Morocco or the interactive kitchens of some our favorite properties, choose from the freshest ingredients and learn from award-winning chefs how to prepare the traditional foods you will surely fall in love with.

  • Romantic & Unique Dinners - Dining aboard a boat on the Zibadianja Lagoon teeming with hippo and elephants or a floating pontoon on the Zambezi River, candlelit dinners overlooking Namibia's towering rust sand dunes, treetop dining in the Seychelles amidst lush jungle, floating wicker baskets carrying a hearty breakfast in your private plunge pool, dugout sand pits on the beaches of the Maldives just feet away from the azure Indian Ocean... 

  • Cape Winelands - Sampling top vintages is only part of the fun when you’re exploring South Africa’s wine country, now widely recognized as one of the most innovative wine-producing regions in the world. Cape Winelands offers everything travelers have come to expect from a top-notch tour of luxury vineyards: bucolic valleys, breathtaking mountain landscapes, charming farmhouses, world-renowned estates and exquisite vintages. A little bit French, a little bit Dutch and uniquely South African, Cape Winelands is an essential stop for devout enthusiasts and for foodies who want a break from the activity and nightlife of nearby Cape Town.