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Mark Lakin is a Co-founder of Epic Road. Awarded "Top Travel Specialist" in 2015 by Travel+Leisure, Mark is recognized as one of the best travel agents in the world (Click Here to read his full acknowledgement and feature in Travel+Leisure's 2015 A-List). Mark's passion for luxury, adventure, photography and philanthropy galvanized a journey across all seven continents that continues today. Mark is a fine art travel photographer using photography as a means to document pristine landscapes, exotic animals, untouched tribal civilizations and record humanity in its most evocative moments. His inspirations include tribal culture, animal migration, extreme sports, ethnic markets, vibrant beaches, and local architecture. Mark is passionate about his non-profit work to educate Africa's youth and alleviate poverty. He serves as an active Board member of goods for good, a non-profit organization that supports the education of 80,000 orphans in Malawi. He is also an active Board member of The Bodhi Tree Foundation which galvanizes the power of the travel industry and travelers alike to fund grassroots initiatives that support people in need, protect cultural heritage and conserve our planet's biodiversity. He also leads immersion experiences in Africa related to poverty and human rights abuses for CouldYou?, a non-profit organization that helps participants find where their individual skill sets intersect with the needs of humanity. Mark is a member of the Explorer's Club whose members have been responsible for an illustrious series of famous firsts: first to the North and South Poles, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean, and first to the surface of the moon. Mark's favorite travel experiences are going on a bow & arrow hunt with the Hadzabe tribe of Tanzania, sea-kayaking with the seals and whales in Antarctica, getting lost on the streets of Havana, tracking the big cats in the Serengeti, white water rafting down the Zambezi River, relaxing in the solitude of Brazil's Fernando de Noronha, gorilla tracking up the volcanoes of Rwanda, ice climbing glaciers in the Icelandic countryside, going on expedition with modern day explorer Kingsley Holgate through Ethiopia's Omo Valley, dining in India and Italy, and enjoying the nightlife of South America and the Greek Islands. You can reach him at


Marc Chafiian is a Co-founder of Epic Road. Starting a luxury experiential travel company with long-time friend Mark Lakin allowed him to pursue his dream of finding new ways for tourism to work for the benefit of the planet.  Today, Marc's vision of bringing wildlife conservation, climate change and land/marine conservation to the forefront of all travelers’ consciousness is being realized through the company’s global humanitarian and conservation initiatives. His favorite destinations include the beaches of northern Mozambique, Faru Faru Lodge in Tanzania, Mongolia, Svalbard, the Okavango Delta, Montauk and the mountains surrounding Salta in Argentina. Marc's passion for adventure travel and conservation meshes perfectly with the company’s ethos: to inspire travelers with transformational experiences that captivate, excite, and raise awareness.  His favorite travel experiences include geo-tagging, measuring and recording giant leatherback turtles as they lay eggs in the sand, sailing a traditional dhow in Mozambique, studying lion genealogy in the game rich plains of the Serengeti, tagging sharks in the name of conservation, dog-sledding and measuring glacial retreat on the rugged glaciers of the Polar Circle, and diving with bumphead parrotfish in the Indian Ocean. When not dreaming up his next adventure, he likes to spend time with his family on the water – kayaking, sailing, surfing, diving, fishing and swimming. You can reach him at