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Who we are:

At Epic Road, we believe that travel is more than a break from the monotony, that luxury is more than high thread counts and single malt scotches, that adventure is more than high-octane sports.

We believe that travel is the window to all the earth’s great majesty, that luxury is access, and that adventure is the awareness that if you seek out the world's treasures you will find magic. Only through exposure to the planet’s great jungles, beaches, species and peoples can we truly understand and value their preservation.

We believe that immersion brings inspiration, and that inspiration brings transformation.

Whether you are planning a luxury safari, a honeymoon, or a specialized African adventure, our travel experts will create a once-in-a-lifetime customized itinerary for you that will redefine your understanding of travel, luxury, and access.

What we do:

Track gorillas up the volcanoes of Rwanda. Experience unparalleled luxury in palatial tents nestled in the Serengeti plains. Enjoy freshly-caught prawns on the beaches of Zanzibar. Hunt with a bow and arrow for your next meal with a nomadic tribe. Balloon over the great migration in Tanzania on your honeymoon. Learn to play a hand-drum with local African musicians. Dog-sled across glacial ice with climatologists in the Arctic. Helicopter from the foothills of Canada’s most remote mountain range to see polar bears and the northern lights. Notch and microchip black rhino with conservationists deep in the Kalahari Desert. Spend time with Maasai tribesman and learn about the delicate human/wildlife balance pushing lion populations to extinction. Witness the beauty of frozen ice meeting open water, calving giant icebergs into the sea while learning from a climate change scientist on-site about glacial retreat. Watch a mother polar bear emerge from a den with newborn cubs and learn about the effects of climate change on their lives.

All this and more is possible with Epic Road.

How we work:

If you’re ready to plan your luxury adventure safari, we’re ready any time. Our travel experts will speak with you, over the phone or in person, to discuss the nuances of who you are and exactly what you are looking for out of this trip. Then we will design a comprehensive personalized itinerary for you that combines your interests and desires with the nothing but the best hotels and experiences on the planet. If you’re happy with what we’ve come up with, you’re ready to go... if you want to make adjustments, we are there to walk you through your options. Once we book your trip, our responsibility doesn’t end there. If at any point during the trip, something doesn’t feel right, we’re available 24/7 to fix the situation and make sure that you are always treated with extra special care.

Why travel with Epic Road?

  • Independent and owner run
  • Exceptional experience and expertise
  • Transformative travel experiences
  • Hassle free planning
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Security and peace of mind
  • Exceptional value