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Sigur Nature Trust

Dr. Jean-Philippe Puyravaud and his wife Dr. Priya Davidar have recently become the heads of Sigur Nature Trust, a private non-profit organization that was founded with the objective to protect wildlife corridors for generations to come. SNT headquarters are located in the Sigur region of India on 30 acres of the Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve.

What is your background and how did you get involved in Sigur Nature Trust?

My wife, Dr. Priya Davidar, and I are both conservationists who became involved in the scientific field early on in life. We have both worked with Sigur Nature Trust for many years now doing conservational work, however it is just within the last year that we have taken on the responsibility of the organization which was founded by Priya’s late father E.R.C. Davidar.

What is your personal mission statement and what is your approach to conservation? 

Our mission statement at Sigur Nature Trust is to conserve biodiversity and rebuild the web of life. Man’s involvement in natural landscape has the potential to interfere with ecosystems and is destroying nature. Animal and plant populations can decrease rapidly and even become entirely extinct due to the fragmentation of their population. One can literally see the result of our conservational efforts in India between the Sigur  Reserved Forest and the Kalhatti Slopes Reserved Forest when using a satellite image. Our property contributes to the few remaining “corridors” that still connects the Sigur  Region to the Nilgiris Mountains. It holds a great deal of conservational value because it maintains connectivity between various animal and plant populations--especially Asian elephants and tigers. SNT also spreads the word about such issues through scientific publications and landscape analysis, as well as other practical projects in the area.

What is it that makes your research and your conservational efforts unique?

When it comes to conserving biodiversity, Sigur Nature Trust both takes action and spreads the word. We are constantly involved in an influx of conservational projects as well as research. Much of our effort is published in scientific journals and other works so we can bring awareness to these issues that will affect both us and future generations, not just in India but across the globe. 

Tell us more about how you involve the community in your research. 

SNT makes the effort educate children, community members, and tourists on the threats to biodiversity. Our website also offers a ranger of educational data, such as how to create a reserve on your own, which can be beneficial to our readers from around the world who wish to help preserve animal and plant populations in their area. As previously mentioned, we publish various articles-including in local newspapers-in hopes of sharing our newly collected information as well as awareness. 

For our clients who are willing to travel, how can they get involved in Signur Nature Trust?

Although Sigur Nature Trust is currently a private reserve, visits are welcome and can be approved by trust members. Our modest cabin is within an incredibly beautiful place to realize the consuming quality of nature. We
also encourage those who are interested to start their own reserve.

To find information Sigur Nature Trust, please visit their website.

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