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How to Experience the Best of Kenya

Of all of the African countries where you can go to experience the most iconic luxury safari, Kenya has some of the most diverse and stunning landscapes. Kenya offers some of the best game viewing on the continent with huge numbers of lions, leopards, elephants, cheetah, zebra, giraffe, and more. Many people choose a classic safari with expert-led vehicle game drives and perhaps a sunrise balloon ride over the plains, especially if it’s their first safari. But for adventurous travelers who want an alternative kind of safari, it’s possible to create a customized itinerary with special experiences that offer opportunities for heart-pounding, thrilling adventures on foot, on a mountain bike, or in a private plane or helicopter.

A Bike Ride Through The Amboseli-Chyulu Corridor

Join the annual Ride for Lions and embark on an unforgettable mountain biking adventure through the Amboseli-Chyulu corridor, an area of conserved land that serves as a key pathway between national parks for lions and other species. You’ll spend the days biking along the stunningly beautiful corridor of land that you’re helping to preserve, and spend nights under the stars at luxurious mobile camps with a final night at beautiful luxury lodge Ol Donyo. By joining this 6-day adventure, travelers will be directly contributing to wildlife conservation through the Land for Lions Initiative. On top of directly contributing to efforts to save lions and their habitat, the cost of this wild ride is 100% tax deductible. Active and adventurous travelers ready for a wild ride can book directly with Epic Road.

Flying by Helicopter or Plane over the Laikipia Plateau

A sunrise balloon ride while on safari is one way to see the incredible landscapes below, but consider a more unforgettable and over the top safari experience - swooping over Kenya’s awe-inspiring Laikipia Plateau by helicopter or private plane. The sparsely populated Laikipia Plateau is backdropped by Mt. Kenya and is a sprawling wilderness home to stunningly dense concentrations of wildlife, including some of the highest populations of endangered species like the Eastern Black Rhino, the Southern White Rhino, and the African WIld Dog, among others. Travelers can visit private wildlife conservancies and stay at luxurious ranches, including beautiful Ol Jogi and Segera Retreat. Segera is the home to the original biplane made famous in Hollywood masterpiece Out of Africa and for a substantial donation to Segera’s 4C projects (initiatives related to Community, Commerce, Culture, and Conservation) travelers can take a private ride in this relic from a bygone area. A private helicopter ride over the region can also be arranged. Get a taste of what it might feel like to soar across Kenya’s amazing landscapes by checking out a short video from Ol Jogi and Matador Network.

A Walking Safari with a Maasai Tribesman

Explore the Maasai Mara National Reserve and the northern Serengeti plains the slow way, on foot, with a Maasai tribesman as your guide. This region has some of the most spectacular game viewing on the continent, and you have the opportunity to see it all it as part of an authentic cultural experience with this semi-nomadic tribe, one of the last of its kind in the world. Your Maasai guide will teach you their ways - how to reduce your carbon footprint and how to track animals by reading their footprints. You can also join a traditional Maasai jumping ceremony or train in traditional stick fighting, and eat a delicious meal made from local ingredients cooked right there in the bush.

Adding special experiences to customize your luxury safari will make your trip to Kenya that much more memorable. Read more about the exciting adventures you never thought were possible and get inspired to start planning your safari with Epic Road!


Safari With Epic Road & Adopt A Baby Orphaned Elephant At The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust In Kenya

Elephants have lived on Earth for over 55 million years. 

Over just the last 100 years, we have lost 92% of elephants to habitat loss & ivory poaching.

A typical story...a baby elephant’s mother is illegally poached for her tusks which are turned into ivory trinkets and sold to supply the voracious demand of the wildlife trade. If the baby elephant is not also killed, she is often found draped over her mothers carcass, traumatized, and on the brink of starvation with no access to her mother’s milk.

Kenya's David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues, rehabilitates and re-introduces orphaned baby elephants back into the wild. And as you can see, they are extremely well cared for.

@epicroad is a proud supporter of the DSWT and provides its' travelers with the special opportunity to have a private visit with dozens of orphaned baby African elephants who are being cared for until they are able to be released back into the wild.

Like human children, baby elephants need toys and stimulation. Highly intelligent, with a giant memory, they duplicate human children in many ways, so during infancy, distractions of all sorts must be built into the daily routine. The Keepers take them on walks and play with them every day, they even give them weekly coconut oilings which the eles are particularly fond of.

Cause for celebration is when a baby elephant plays for the first time, because only then can one be sure of a reasonable chance of success as an elephant will only thrive if they are happy.

Be that cause.

Email us at hello@epicroad.com to start planning your next transformative travel experience.

In this video you will see Epic Road Co-Founder Mark Lakin and client Jennifer Wexler meet, connect and bond with these playful and extraodinarily intelligent animals. 

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