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When to Visit the Seychelles

When it comes to enjoying a picture-perfect tropical vacation getaway, you can't go wrong with the Seychelles. A chain of 115 islands situated northeast of Madagascar off the East African coast, the Seychelles are characterized by year-round warm temperatures, white sand beaches, clear, warm waters and an array of natural and cultural attractions. Kick-start the planning for your trip by determining when to visit the Seychelles, where to stay and what to do. The following tips will help. 

About the Seychelles

Only a handful of the Seychelles' 115 islands are inhabited, and the majority are found in the Inner Seychelles, which include Mahé, the main island and location of capital city Victoria. This is also where you'll find Seychelles International Airport, which is how most visitors arrive here. You have many options when it comes to Seychelles attractions, including botanical gardens, nature preserves and, of course, some of the most stunning beaches in the world. 

When to Visit the Seychelles

There's really no bad time to visit the Seychelles, that's how paradise goes. Seychelles beaches are beautiful throughout the year, and the weather is fairly consistent. The year-round average temperature is 81 degrees, but most agree that April, May, October and November are the best times to visit because they are transition times between the humid, hot weather brought by the northwest trade winds from November to March and the cooler, drier southeast trade winds from April to October. The rainy season typically starts in November and ends in January, though this rarely means day-long or consecutive day rainstorms. Peak tourist season occurs in December & January and July & August. 

Where to Stay

The vast majority of visitors stay on Mahé, the main island. You can take your pick from many upscale resorts, including many all-inclusive options. In Victoria, you'll also find numerous luxury hotels. Before booking a hotel or resort, investigate 'things to do in the Seychelles' to ensure easy access to your favorite attractions and activities. Some of our favorite properties include Four Seasons, Maia and Savoy in Mahé, Raffles in Praslin and three private islands only accessible by similarly private boat, plane or helicopter and they are North Island, Fregate Island and Deroches Island. 

What to Do

There are plenty of things to do in the Seychelles. A few examples include:

  • Beaches - Seychelles beaches are famous around the world for their incredible beauty. Crystal-clear Indian Ocean waters maintain a year-round temperature of around 80 degrees, and soft, white sand makes it a breeze to kick back, relax and soak it all in. Consider hiking from Beau Vallon to Anse Major to find some especially scenic, isolated beaches. Be sure not to miss the most popular Seychelles beaches too, including award-winning Anse Interdance and Ance Source d'Argent. 
  • Victoria - The most populated city in the Seychelles. Victoria is a splendid place to explore. It boasts numerous restaurants, cafes, art galleries, markets, monuments and museums. Spend a few hours at the stunning botanical gardens, or take a tour of a well-preserved Creole plantation house. Be sure to hit the town after dark too - the nightlife is incredible! 
  • Water Sports - The Seychelles are a water sports enthusiast's dream come true. Rent a boat to explore the islands as you see fit. Try your hand at windsurfing in May or October. Great snorkeling and scuba diving are to be had at Baie Temay as well as at Glacis and the reef near Port Launay. 
  • Food - Seychelles cuisine is characterized by seafood and Creole influences, so the food is equally spicy and fresh. Red snapper is especially popular, and you can't go wrong with a locally brewed beer or dark rum. 

After deciding when to visit the Seychelles, map out your itinerary. Try to include Seychelles beaches and a variety of other Seychelles attractions. Regardless of when you visit, one thing's for sure: You're in for the trip of a lifetime.