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Best Documentaries on Africa

documentaries on african safaris

Here at Epic Road, we like to get ready for our epic journeys and African safaris by reading up on the natural history of the region. Another, faster way to prep is watching some of the best documentaries on Africa there are—and there are many. Here are a few great recommendations to get you excited and aware.

The Last Lions

A collaboration between National Geographic and Explorers-in-Residence Derek and Beverly Joubert, The Last Lions documents the rapid decline of Africa’s lion population due to poaching and a terrible lack of government protection. The film documentary focuses on a lioness named Ma di Tau ("Mother of Lions") as she battles to protect her cubs against the daunting onslaught of enemies to ensure their survival. This is the jumping-off point for a disturbing, well-researched and beautifully shot cri de coeur about our moral duty to save this majestic species and others like it.

BBC’s Planet Earth

There’s no one segment on Africa in this mind-boggling series about the world’s wealth of little-known natural wonders; rather, spectacular footage of the continent is sprinkled throughout. Look out for a lion pride’s elephant hunt, elephants migrating towards the Okavango Delta, a seasonal bloom of life in the otherwise arid Kalahari desert, huge families of gelada monkeys living on the steep precipices of Ethopian highlands, and the touching, uncannily human behavior of Chimpanzees in the Congo.

War Dance

In war-torn Uganda, the L. R. A. (Lord's Resistance Army) kidnaps young children, turning girls into sex slaves and boys into soldiers. Thousands of children seek refuge from the L. R. A. in the Patongo camp, and this film follows several of the camp's children as they compete in the National Music Competition. Despite the enormous odds against them, these children manage to find new life and hope in dance. A story of human resilience in the face of total brutality, War Dance was nominated for an Academy Award and heralded as one of the best documentaries about Africa.


BBC’s latest addition to its spectacular annals of nature documentaries is Africa, a beautifully shot, in-depth look at the elusive continent. Narrated by David Attenborough, the series travels across Africa region-by-region, capturing never-before-recorded natural phenomena and animal behaviors on film. 


Omo Valley

omo valley ethiopia

Lake Stephanie, Ethiopia- Sleeping in pop up tents lakeside in the middle of the bush surrounded by baboons, monkeys, hippos, leopard, eagles, vultures, and monkeys. Showering in hot springs and streams. Photographing tribes with 7 inch plates in their bottom lips carrying AK-47s. Ethiopia is on the edge and the ultimate African adventure. Having an amazing time on the Kingsley Holgate Great Rift Valley Expedition. Life is good. Tonight we sleep in an endless sand plain in the middle of the largest crack in the earth's surface... the Great Rift Valley. I am writing from a satellite hookup that works, but slowly. - Mark Lakin, Epic Road Co-Founder 


Departure for Omo Valley

omo valley ethiopia

Addis, Ethiopia. Spent the day loading gear onto three hardcore specialty Land Rovers with five experienced expedition members and explorers. Headed on a 9-day drive south into the Omo Valley to spend time with some of the most remote tribes on the planet with the Nando's sponsored Great Rift Valley humanitarian expedition with legendary explorer and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate. Along the way we will be distributing malaria- preventative mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and mothers with children under the age of 5 and educating them on their effective use. We will also be distributing reading glasses to through Nikon's Right to Sight Program and Lifestraws to those without access to clean water. Lifestraws are oversized straws worn around the neck allowing the user to drink any liquid, even dirty roadside puddle water, by removing the bacteria and other harmful substances.  - Mark Lakin, Epic Road Co-Founder 


Gondar, Ethiopia

gondar ethiopia safari

Gondar, Ethiopia. Flew by prop plane to Gondar, Ethiopia to the heart of the Timket celebration with the Nando's team. Massive parties in the streets and any body of water to be found. Spent friday night at shabbat services and then dinner with the Ethiopia Jews... black skinned jews wearing yarmulkes in an outdoor temple with dirt floors praying in Hebrew and Amharic... incredible! - Mark Lakin, Epic Road Co-Founder


Timket Festival

Timket Festival

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The locals are celebrating the baptism of Jesus (Timket Festival) in colorful parades lining the streets. Ethiopians are warm, welcoming, and beautiful people. Spent the day walking the streets and visiting the local markets.