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When to Travel to Morocco by Epic Road

Seasoned travelers who long for unique, exotic vacations often head to Africa. In addition to the great safari opportunities found on the continent's eastern, central and southern regions, is the North African country of Morocco and it's been capturing the imagination of globe trotters since the making of the fabulous movie Casablanca. If Morocco has caught your attention, as it often does, you will most likely want to know when to go and why. Generally speaking, you will find that Morocco's diverse climate zones and numerous cultural attractions make it an ideal travel destination year round. Nevertheless, take a look at our When to Travel to Morocco post, giving you some examples of things to do and see, organized by season. 


Spring is considered the peak tourist season in Morocco. Since the temperatures during this time of year are sublime in nearly all parts of the country, spring is when visitors can take advantage of all that Morocco has to offer. Activities include hiking and rock climbing in the Atlas Mountains and guided excursions deep into the Sahara Desert. A 3-5 day guided hike through the Toubkal region allows you to experience Berber life up close: learn all there is to know about Moroccan culture and tradition from local Berber guides, taste authentic cuisine and take in the picturesque scenery. Travelers who want to see Morocco's famed Sahara region are advised to do so during the spring. Camel treks through the desert from Fes to Merzouga let you experience life as a local nomad, take in the breathtaking sunsets and enjoy the evening camp music, dancing, festivities and beautiful boutique guest houses along the way. 


If you like it hot, extremely high temperatures are just what you'll get with a visit to Morocco during the summer. Many locals return to Morocco for a break from their European jobs during this time, so it's the season to meet and mingle with modern, everyday Moroccans. Some popular summer haunts of locals and visitors alike are the coastal Mediterranean cities like Tangier, Melilla and Cala Iris where temperatures remain a pleasant 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Another must-see is Chefchaouen, a quaint town set within the Rif Mountains. This charming, relaxed town features dazzling white washed buildings and endless weaving streets painted with multiple hues of sky blue. It easily takes the title of Morocco's loveliest city, and visitors can learn all about the culture and take in the amazing architecture by visiting its' medina and Ethnographic Museum. Summer temperatures in Chefchaouen are similarly cooler and only ever reach the low 80's. 


The major highlight of a Moroccan winter vacation is skiing in the Atlas Mountains, and the season lasts from December to April. The unique experience at the Oukaïmeden Ski Resort provides visitors with panoramic views of the breathtaking snowcapped mountain peaks as well as the glittering sand of the Sahara Desert below - the image is truly extraordinary. And after spending time in the Atlas mountains, visitors can head over to the Rif Mountains to bask in The Moulay Yacoub Thermal Spa and explore the ancient Roman ruins in Volubilis. Winter is also the perfect time to visit areas in Morocco's southern region such as the Souss Valley. The valley's famed city of Taroudannt features terrific shopping for locally made leather goods, jewelry and spices. 


Marrakech, arguably Morocco's most popular town, is conveniently located in the country's central region. Marrakech is packed with colorful markets, vibrant traditional cafés and welcoming people. One of the best ways to learn about Morocco's culture is to immerse yourself in its' culinary offerings. So take a cooking class and learn all about the country's varied cultural influences including Berber, Arabic and French. Late autumn is a preferred time to visit Marrakech as you typically avoid the huge crowds of spring and the stifling temperatures of summer. Autumn nights in Marrakech are a treat - not too hot and not too cold.