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Departure for Omo Valley

omo valley ethiopia

Addis, Ethiopia. Spent the day loading gear onto three hardcore specialty Land Rovers with five experienced expedition members and explorers. Headed on a 9-day drive south into the Omo Valley to spend time with some of the most remote tribes on the planet with the Nando's sponsored Great Rift Valley humanitarian expedition with legendary explorer and humanitarian Kingsley Holgate. Along the way we will be distributing malaria- preventative mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and mothers with children under the age of 5 and educating them on their effective use. We will also be distributing reading glasses to through Nikon's Right to Sight Program and Lifestraws to those without access to clean water. Lifestraws are oversized straws worn around the neck allowing the user to drink any liquid, even dirty roadside puddle water, by removing the bacteria and other harmful substances.  - Mark Lakin, Epic Road Co-Founder