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The New Place for Secluded African Luxury Safaris

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“Why does it seem everyone is going to Namibia?” The question, overheard at an end-of-summer gathering of creative urban nomadic types, could certainly elicit a number of responses.

Maybe, for the nature lover, they opt for a luxury safari to explore the country’s deep diversity of animal and plant wildlife.  For the artist, to soak up the endless Namib Desert vistas, punctuated by rolling reddish pockets of pristine dunes.  For the adventure junkie, to surf the rocky, rugged Skeleton Coast, in misty waters still haunted by the ghosts of ancient shipwrecks.  And—perhaps of particular interest to overcrowded New Yorkers—many go to simply just feel the almost divine sense of utter remoteness that stems from time spent in one of the least densely populated places on earth.  There is no better cocktail for inspiration than isolation, surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes, with opportunities for life-changing encounters thrown in.  

Unlike other destinations where “everyone” seems to be going these days, the Namibia experience is not about exporting Brooklyn or Burning Man to the African desert.  Namibia’s history runs deep, its ethnic and cultural makeup is highly diverse, and it is also home to some of the oldest—and still most isolated—tribal communities on the continent. 

True, travelers to Namibia can arrange to go on a desert safari to see first hand rare species like the Black Rhino; engage in adrenaline-fueled activities like ATV off-roading or hot-air ballooning across the dunes at Sossusvlei; and relax afterwards in romantic resorts that boast high organic design, and even higher rustic luxury.   When traveling to Namibia via Epic Road, however, you will also have the opportunity to engage in a mind-altering exchange of culture, social enterprise and good will that can (quite literally) enlighten your life—and the lives of the communities you visit—forever.

Participating in a Luci Solar Light drop is one of the most unique elements of an Epic Road expedition, and one that also encompasses our core mission of transformative travel.  Partnering with MPOWERD Inc, a B-corp enterprise that sells innovative and affordable solar powered products, Epic Road is working to develop local, micro-distribution channels to bring Luci lamps to members of the nomadic Himba tribe.   A Luci drop can be included as part of an itinerary personalized by Epic Road, where you can also experience the privilege of visiting and working with communities within range of Serra Cafema, one of the most remote camps in all of Africa.  In the words of one Epic Road traveler, time spent working with the Himba sent her home with a “renewed sense of self, that any obstacle is surmountable, and that anything is possible.” 

 Why is everyone going to Namibia?  If anything is possible, perhaps, the question should be: Why Not?


Luxury Safaris for Everyone

'Luxury safari' conjures a different image for every traveler. Across Africa, top end lodges and luxury safari operators offer a wide range of luxury safaris across a spectrum of access, landscape, dining, guiding and lodging. A luxury safari in Botswana or South Africa will invariably be a different experience to a luxury safari in Tanzania and Kenya. The former focuses on water and oasis activity, whereas the latter focuses on the wide, open plains of the Serengeti and the Great Migration.

South African Luxury Safaris:

South Africa is perhaps Africa’s most family-friendly place to experience safari. The proximity of Cape Town makes a mixed trip of wild beauty and cultural experience an easy option—and reduces necessary medical precautions and lightens packing. You won’t sacrifice the ‘wild’ in wilderness though—South Africa’s safari parks are some of the best places in Africa to spot the “big five.”

Zambian and Zimbabwean Luxury Safaris:

Zambia and Zimbabwe are known for thrilling safari at more modest price points, which focus on guided walking safaris. In many ways, Zambia and Zimbabwe, in the South Eastern heart of Africa, are the undiscovered gem of the country.  Zambia boasts one of the largest swaths of land under national park protection. And the crown gem of the two nations is the majestic, thundering Victoria Falls—unlike anywhere else on earth.

Tanzania and Kenya Luxury Safaris:

Perhaps the image often associated with safari is the open plains, covered by grazing animals, low trees, swaying grasses, and the canny predators they hide. This is the Serengeti. The vast Mara-Serengeti ecosystem is the stuff of movies, books and dreams—think Earnest Hemingway game hunting. The wide plains are home to wildebeest, lions, zebra, cheetahs, giraffe, elephants, antelope, and more, best seen by jeep or four-wheeler, arranged by one of the spectacular luxury lodges in the area.

Rwanda luxury safaris:

Rwanda is the lush, green, misty heart of Africa. The most spectacular safaris are the ones that bring us eye to eye with the continents gorillas—one of our closest relatives—in one of their last remaining habitats on earth. In most gorilla safaris, a guide will lead you up the forested hills of volcanoes on foot, to quiet clearings where you can watch the gorillas live and play in peace.

Botswana and Namibia Luxury Safaris:

The Kalahari, across Botswana and Namibia, is the oldest desert on earth. Still, there is vibrant life there, concentrated in great diversity around oases and waterholes. Desert safaris focus on these pockets of concentration, where spectators can quietly watch usually solitary animals, like the black rhino, interact with a range of desert neighbors, including giraffe, ostrich, and lions. Despite the vast emptiness of the desert landscape, some of Africa’s most spectacularly luxurious lodges are found here. And last but not least, Botswana's Okavango Delta is in a league of its own when it comes to game rich luxury safaris that combine mokoro rides on the water and open vehicle game drives.  It's the pinnacle of luxury safaris.