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Travel Guide to Experience the Best of Cape Winelands


The perfect luxury trip to South Africa isn’t complete without a day or two spent exploring Cape Winelands. With hundreds of world-class wineries, innovative restaurants helmed by world-renowned chefs, and beautiful boutique luxury hotels, all just a short distance from Cape Town, both wine connoisseurs and amateur tasters will find themselves enchanted with this beautiful part of the Western Cape. The best way to experience South Africa’s wine region is either a guided day trip with a private car and driver, or if you have more time, a few days spent indulging in the best Cape Winelands has to offer.

First, a geographical guide to this part of the Western Cape: the region is split into different towns including Stellenbosch, Franshhoek, and Constantia Valley, to name a few. Constantia Valley is just on the other side of Table Mountain from Cape Town, barely a 15- minute drive from Cape Town proper, and is home to Groot Constantia, the very first South African wine farm, established in 1685. In Stellenbosch, a town just about a 1-hour drive outside of Cape Town with beautiful Dutch architecture, there are over 150 wineries backdropped by lush green mountains. Franschhoek is a town with its own charm that lies just east of Stellenbosch.

The vast number of excellent wineries and restaurants with incredible food in Cape Winelands makes it difficult to name a few and call them the best, but some favorites include Haute Cabriere (Franschhoek), La Petite Colombe (Franschhoek), Overture (Stellenbosch), Terroir (Stell) and Jardine (Stell). It’s possible to visit the Cape Winelands as a day trip but to really immerse yourself in wine culture and explore you can stay at a number of gorgeous properties. Two favorites are Leeu House (Franschhoek) and Delaire Graff Estate (Stellenbosch).

A visit to Cape Winelands is best paired with a luxury South Africa safari, and of course a few days spent in Cape Town. In addition to tasting wines, the Western Cape has other cultural attractions, like the Dylan Lewis Sculpture Garden with its lifelike wildlife creations. There are also several museums and art galleries in the towns of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek.

Unlike other wine regions in the world, South Africa wine country is a year round destination, with high season in the warm and dry summer between November and May - the best time to imbibe a crisp Sauvignon Blanc during a sundrenched picnic. But in wintertime a glass of the region’s famous pinotage next to a roaring fire is tough to beat.

If you have a few days in Cape Town, visiting this uniquely beautiful region is a must, and whether you prefer a one day trip to taste the best South African Wines or want to make it a focal part of your trip to South Africa, advance planning makes for the best possible experience in this beautiful part of South Africa.


The Best South Africa Luxury Safari Experiences

A luxury safari in South Africa is likely to be one of the most best vacations of your life. For some travelers, seeing iconic African species in the wild and discovering the most beautiful places on the African continent is a life-changing journey. While you stay in some of the top-rated safari lodges with amenities like private plunge pools, award-winning food, and the most stunning views of the African bush, you can also choose to incorporate special experiences that will make your trip more than just an amazing vacation. You can learn about endangered species, interact with wildlife in a natural and respectful way, and have the chance to positively impact local communities.

Curious travelers who are especially interested in endangered species can opt to join a day excursion with a conservation scientist, where they will be able to take part in microchipping or collaring a wild animal in order to help preserve the future of the species. For example, you’d take off in a helicopter with a team of experts and locate a rhino, tranquilize the animal and help the team place a microchip under its horn so it can be tracked remotely and therefore better protected from poachers. You can get a preview of how the magic happens in this short video. It’s an incredible privilege to be in such close proximity to one of these amazing animals.

The endangered pangolin is the world’s most-trafficked animal, and research scientists are doing their best to save this scaly, nocturnal creature from extinction. Travelers who plan their safari with Epic Road can join an expert in the field for a night walk to a pangolin’s burrow, where they may have the chance to see this elusive animal up close, something that few people ever get to do.

For pure fun and exhilaration, go diving to see massive yet harmless whale sharks off the coast of South Africa. Whale sharks can grow over 40 feet long and almost 50,000 lbs, and swimming alongside these gentlest of giants is a true adrenaline rush.

For a more human interaction, visit a remote village where members of an indigenous tribe are living without electricity, and give them the gift of solar light which allows them to safely work or study after the sun goes down. Check out this video to see one of Epic Road’s clients take part in this rewarding experience. Travelers who choose this experience will have the opportunity to deliver and demonstrate the use of the lights in person, and then go home knowing they’ve made a difference in the lives of a number of people on the other side of the world.

To add special and impactful activities onto your luxury safari in South Africa, you must plan your safari well in advance with the help of an expert travel advisor who has the connections to create best and most memorable trip possible. Epic Road specializes in custom-made safaris in South Africa and all over the rest of the continent, sending clients to the world’s most exciting destinations.


Rhino Poaching in South Africa

South Africa Rhino Poaching


This year in South Africa poachers have killed a record number of Rhinos—their horns can be sold in Asia for use in traditional medicine. The species is already considered endangered, and the increased demand from the Asian market threatening the survival of the species.



Waterfalls - Devil's Pool


Victoria Falls Devil's Pool


Beautiful photos of waterfalls from BBC. Make sure to check out Zambia’s Victoria Falls and South Africa’s Libson Falls. Epic Road can take you there.



Swimming with Penguins

South African Safari Penguins

Boulders Beach, South Africa- Swimming with penguins in the freezing waters off the southern tip of South Africa. - Mark Lakin, Epic Road Co-Founder