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Epic Road specializes in planning donor and board trips for charities and socially conscious companies seeking to connect their local supporters with their international projects.  These charities often seek to create itineraries that showcase their projects but given the long distances that their donors must travel, the charities seek to add other unrelated experiences to make the trip more enjoyable, meaningful and inspiring in order to increase the likelihood that their donors will attend and support the organization going forward. As travel is not a core competency of these charities and there is liability exposure inherent in executing these trips, Epic Road will manage all travel logistics such as lodging, transportation, translators and security and create special add-ons like beachside decompressions, safaris, city tours and tribal visits so that the charity can focus on readying its projects for the visit and soliciting future support and donations.  Epic Road generally makes its profit from its suppliers thereby eliminating additional costs to the charity or donors for its services. Epic Road also provides 24-hour customer support to ensure that if anything doesn’t go as planned, we can get things back on track quickly. Epic Road’s co-founder, Mark Lakin, has also personally led donor and board trips alongside charity staff and is experienced in creating the right experiences and debriefing exercises to ensure that the donors and board of directors process the journey as both motivating and inspiring.