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Have you ever wanted to get hands on with a Rhino? For those with a keen interest in wildlife conservation (or simply those who have a healthy sense of adventure) Epic Road has launched a new signature experience that allows travelers to take part in one of the most sophisticated wildlife protection and anti-poaching operations on the planet.  Watch this amazing video to see Epic Road travelers working side by side with experts as they track and microchip Rhinos in the African wild.   The experience begins by locating and following a Rhino by helicopter or Land Rover, and ends in the bush as you are part of a team that notches, DNA tests and microchips the Rhino (allowing the animal and its horn to be tracked should it ever fall prey to poachers).   The opportunity to be in close proximity to such a prehistoric creature is magical, and the chance to be an active participant in saving one of the world’s greatest species is unprecedented.  


  • Contributing to a Cause: Rhinos are highly endangered—the population has decreased by a remarkable 96% since the turn of the last century—and microchipping them makes all the difference. The ability to monitor Rhinos prevents poaching, and participating in this experience allows you the chance to make a difference in this important global conservation effort.
  • Up Close With an Ancient Creature: Rhinos are considered one of the last remaining pre-historic animals on the planet, and once the Rhino has been tranquilized you will be able to sit side by side and touch this magnificent creature. Rhinos can weigh up to two tons, and you will notice how its tough outer layer of skin compares to its surprisingly soft underbelly. You will also be amazed as you feel its horn, which can reach up to 5 feet in length and sell for more than $300,000 on the black market. The opportunity to get hands on with this amazing creature puts the importance of its existence into perspective.
  • Big Five Playground: Apart from Rhinos, the Big Five are also indigenous to much of Southern and Eastern Africa, and roam the region’s top reserves.  Before or after your microchipping experience, participate in a bush walk or game drive that will allow close encounters with other amazing African wildlife.



  • Microchipping experiences take place year-round in Southern and Eastern Africa.
  • Although there are regional variations, the rainy season in Southern Africa generally lasts from November through March. The rainy season in Eastern Africa is generally in April/May and November.