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Shay Mitchell Travels to Morocco with Epic Road


We recently planned a custom trip to Morocco for the stunning megastar actress Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars fame. Read her heartwarming review below or watch a teaser of her documentary style TV show above. For the full version of her videos in Morocco, click for Part I: Marrakech + Hot Air Balloon Ride and Part II: Argan Oil, the Medina and More!

"I just returned from my dream vacation to Morocco, which was organized by the amazing travel consultants at Epic Road. Their care and attention to detail were second to none in helping me to experience what they call 'transformative travel'"

Travel is something that I just love to do, and I have had the good fortune to journey extensively to a variety of exotic places in the world. However, I have seldom experienced the kind of adventure that Epic Road organized for me. 

Part luxury. Part cultural. One hundred percent mesmerizing! 

Thank you, Epic Road. You will be the experts I go to for my next tailor-made, trip of a lifetime!

Dream. Discover, indeed!" - Shay Mitchell

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