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South Pacific

A Luxury Journey through New Zealand

New Zealand in the raw is rugged and pristine and soul-soothing. It's utterly rustic yet exquisitely refined. Meander along a volcanic beach, frolick with dolphins, or simply let the scenery take your breath away...See More

Luxury Travel in Fiji and Aquatic Adventures

An idyllic escape of 333 islands with the softest powdery white beaches, turquoise waters, and incredible private island resorts. Layer on hidden jungle hiking trails and world class scuba and snorkeling...See More


At Epic Road, we specialize in creating custom private safaris that incorporate luxury, special access, deep experiential travel and thought provoking experiences related to conservation and humanitarian initiatives. Above are just some examples of our favorite destinations in the South Pacific. Please contact us at if you would like to learn more or to connect with one of our travel experts.