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Victoria Falls Family Safari: A Water Wonderland


Little compares to the thrill of visiting a huge waterfall, and a trip to Victoria Falls on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe combines the jaw-dropping majesty of nature with an action-packed list of must do family activities. Victoria Falls is best for kids twelve and up—old enough to heed safety precautions, but young enough to be awestruck. It’s a high-octane alternative to the classic jeep-safari that will keep you and your kids on the edge of your seats!


  • Real Life Amusement Park: There are so many choices for adventuring at Victoria Falls—white-water rafting, horseback riding, river safaris, kayaking, elephant rides, zip lines, canopy tours and more—that your kids will feel like they’ve landed in a real- amusement park. And on top of all these activities, world-class game drives can also be arranged in the nearby Victoria Falls National Park, so your family will not miss any opportunities to see wildlife in action.
  • Swimming in Devil’s Pool: Swimming in Devil’s Pool is by far one of the continent’s highlights, as this is the closest one can safely get to the edge of the Falls. Devil’s Pool is surprisingly free of currents, so a dip is quite safe, and for kids who tend more towards the intrepid it’s the thrill of a lifetime.



  • Royal Chundu Lodge: The Zambezi River rushes through the front lawn of this recently renovated Victorian-era hotel, and giraffes and zebras are often seen wandering around the grounds. But it is the hotel pool—situated to provide absolutely breathtaking views of the Falls—that’s likely to impress your kids the most: it’s worth staying here just for the chance to take a swim alone. At Royal Chundu younger children can also enjoy activities like flower pressing, frogging safaris, fishing, butterfly capture and birding, along with treasure hunts and other interactive games—all free of charge!
  • David Livingstone Lodge: Just like the famous explorer after which the Lodge is named, the staff at David Livingstone works hard to discover the preferences, desires and favorite activities of guests of all ages—even if some days that means just a day spent playing and relaxing by the pool. The lodge is nestled right on the shores of the Zambezi, with sweeping views of the Falls from all angles, and with over 70 en-suite rooms and free babysitting is particularly well suited to accommodate families.


  • May through August is considered the best time to maximize your Victoria Falls experience: water levels are still high, yet dry enough for a safari adventure, and views are unobstructed.
  • The rainy season runs from December to March and, while the resulting mist and cloud cover may hamper views, this is also when you’ll see the water at peak flow.