Top 10 Reasons to Go On an African Safari

At ER, we urge you to abandon any excuses! When it comes to the life-altering value of travel, we can only think of reasons to go. A luxury African safari offers everything from incredible local African cuisine to the exploration of yourself and humanity. Explore the reasons ER thinks you should embark on an African safari now!

  1.  Some Animals Might Be Around for a Limited Time: Now is the time to see some of Africa’s wildlife first hand before extinction poses a real threat. Many of the Big Five like elephants, rhinos, and lions might not be around forever, so why give up the opportunity to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitats?

    big five african safari
  2. Perfect Honeymoon/Wedding Destination: The salty, quiet air of an island off the coast is perfect for any romantic getaway. Whether it be a honeymoon safari or wedding celebration, Africa’s pristine beaches and aquatic safaris allow you to have as much excitement, or as little, as you choose!

    luxury romantic honeymoon safari
  3. Feel A Deeper Connection With Humankind: Africa is the original source of all human life. Discover the cultural remnants of millions of years of human development simply by stepping foot on this continent.
  4. Hear the Music of Africa: The heartbeat of Africa sounds something like a reverberating drum, a gospel choir, or even a sweet, sad jazz ballad playing late in to the night. Let Africa’s musical culture and many subsequent festivals lead you through your travels.
  5. Live Luxuriously: Take a break from the quick pace of daily life. Slow it down and enjoy the luxury of a spa day, decadent food, and some of the world’s most breathtaking views. All of this and more can be found at one of ER’s many offered lodgings.
  6. Indulge Your Adventurous Side: If you’re in need of an adrenaline rush, nothing is more thrilling than encountering a pride of lions just after a hunt or crossing paths with a massive elephant while in an off-road safari vehicle. Or get even closer with a guided walking tour!
  7. Give the Gift of Travel to A Loved One: Nothing is more valuable than stepping out of the norm to see how other parts of the world live. Provide someone in your life with the opportunity to learn lessons and create memories that only travel can provide. Whether it be for a parent, friend, or significant other, the gift of an African safari is priceless.
  8. Learn What it Means to Live Off the Land: While visiting with one of Africa’s native tribes, you will truly understand what it means to live simply. Whether you are hunting alongside the Hadzabe or watching one of the Maasai’s many traditional rituals, you will see how the tribespeople of Africa never take more from the earth than they need.
  9. Explore New Love: An African safari can be just as exciting as your new romance! Create your own adventures by going on a ballooning trip at sunset or hiking across vibrant orange sand dunes. Take on a new part of the world with your companion by your side!

    safari hot air balloon
  10. Give Back to Your Planet: There is something very special about volunteering while you travel. Walk away knowing that you left a positive impact on the land you learned to love! ER has plenty of opportunities to do just that. Spend the day at a land preserve, microchip a rhino, or adopt a baby elephant. Wherever your interests lie, there is a chance to make a difference.

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