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Epic Road creates tailor-made holidays, luxury safaris and honeymoons in Africa, the Indian Ocean, Asia, the Arctic and Antarctica that combine the planet’s great adventures with thought-provoking experiences related to humanitarian and conservation initiatives. Epic Road has created a new genre of travel, called “transformative travel,” by creating exceptional, mind-expansive journeys that inspire, captivate, and thrill.

Epic Road has exceptional, firsthand expertise in travel to the above destinations. We have been to every hotel and enjoyed every experience that we recommend and can explain in great detail to you the nuances of the experiences you are selecting between. To offer this exceptional breadth of experiences, we work closely with carefully chosen travel consultants, social entrepreneurs, and charities around the world to hand-tailor each luxury safari and ensure only the most exciting, authentic and special experiences possible.

At Epic Road, we believe that travel can power massive positive change in the world. While these changes will take place on the ground in the destinations that our travelers visit, we believe that the most important changes occur in our travelers’ minds. Travel has the ability to change perceptions, elevate awareness, evoke true empathy and galvanize leaders. That’s why we call it “transformative travel.” Epic Road’s mission is to raise awareness and facilitate a heightened understanding of issues like human/wildlife conflict, species endangerment, malaria prevention, climate change, food scarcity, orphan care, and access to clean water and medical care. Epic Road’s overarching vision is to use luxury adventure travel as a vessel to raise global awareness, inspire change, and spark the fire within our clients, shaping hearts and minds that can determine our collective future.

If you’re ready to transform yourself and change the world, drop us a line at Let us help you get on an Epic Road.

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