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Winter in the Arctic: A Polar Safari in the Svalbard Archipelago

Test the extremes of climate, nature and yourself with an outdoor safari in one of the most remote places in the world, during the height of an Arctic winter...See More

Summer Safari in the Arctic: An Adventure Over Land and Water

The Summer thaw brings new life to Svalbard, and offers a whole new level of activity for travelers who want to explore this Arctic wonderland...See More

Extreme Arctic Ski & Sail Safari

Set sail on the ultimate Arctic adventure, and ski the remote northern peaks of Svalbard with a private yacht as your basecamp...See More

Northern Lights Safari

Watch the winter sky transform into a phenomenal celestial kaleidoscope and chase the colorful hues across the Arctic and through the night by snowcat, dogsled or...See More

Luxury Travel in Iceland: the Ultimate Arctic Adventure

Iceland is closer than you think. Conveniently 4 1/2 hours away from JFK, allowing you the option to pop in for a short while, hit the blue lagoon, survey the astonishing natural phenomena, experience the incredible nightlife and head back home before anyone notices you were even gone, or...See More

Walrus & Whale Safari

Behold hundreds of walrus basking on sun kissed ice, and witness the migration of majestic Arctic whales -the bowheads. Snorkel and kayak on this arctic island safari in 24 hours of sun...See More

Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

Fly off to an Arctic base camp directly at the flow edge of the sea ice. Kayak and hike while taking in the awesome landscape and tracking Ivory-tusked Narwhals and Polar Bears...See More

Polar Bear Migration Safari

Fly directly into the heart of the polar bear migration and enjoy these powerful and beautiful beasts up close. At night watch the magical Northern Lights dance in the painted sky...See More

Polar Bear Cub Safari

Visit the only place in the world to watch mother polar bears emerge from their dens with newborn cubs- virtually guaranteed...See More

Polar Bears & Northern Lights Safari

Helicopter from the foothills of one of Canada’s most remote mountain ranges to see polar bears and the Northern Lights and delight in safari inspired luxury tented camps...See More

At Epic Road, we specialize in creating custom private luxury safaris that incorporate the planet's great adventures with thought provoking educational and philanthropic experiences. Above are just some examples of our favorite destinations in the Arctic. Please contact us at if you would like to learn more or to connect with one of our travel experts.