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Selinda & Okavango Delta Luxury Safari in Botswana

Exceptional canoe safaris, private reserves, unparalleled accommodations, massive herds of animals migrating from the Selinda Spillway and Okavango Delta to the deserts of the Kalahari, and the lunar landscape of the Makgadikgadi Pans- Botswana is simply the best safari in Africa...See More

Mara River Crossing Safari, Tanzania

Watch countless wildebeest charge across the Mara River as they migrate across the Serengeti. If you are lucky, you may even stand witness to the awesome power of the African crocodile as it attacks its unsuspecting prey from beneath the water's surface...See More

Classic South Africa Safari: Luxury and Diversity with Ease

A luxury safari in South Africa offers it all: amazing wildlife, romantic landscapes, beautiful beaches and sophisticated cities where you can enjoy fine wine, eclectic cuisine, and dance the night away...See More

Chimpanzee Trekking in Greystoke Mahale

Unspoiled, in a remote part of western Tanzania, far from the usual safari circuit and about 100 miles from the nearest road, the dense mountain forests of the Mahale Mountains are home to the largest known chimpanzee population in the world, making it one of the best places on earth to come face to face with our closest relatives in the animal kingdom...See More

Luxury Travel in Morocco

Luxury travel in Morocco will sweep you off your feet, literally. Wake up at dawn and let a hot air balloon carry you over Marrakech as the sun creeps above the Atlas Mountains. Immerse yourself in Marrakech, Fes and Essaouira, oases dripping with palm trees, history and tradition. Delve into the winding souks bursting with...See More

Safari in the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

Descend into the largest volcanic caldera on earth with one of the densest concentration of wildlife in Africa- prides of lions, lakes full of flamingos and lots of black rhinos and leopards set against the backdrop of 360 degree 2000 foot vertical walls...See More

Serengeti Luxury Safari: In the Path of The Great Migration

Stand witness to the greatest migration of mammals on the planet across the vast expanse of the Serengeti plains viewable on foot, open vehicle or hot air balloon. Behold as lion, elephant, rhino, giraffe and wildebeest follow the rains..See More

Big Cat Conservation Safari in Kenya

Wide-open savannahs dotted with lone acacia trees. Herds of antelope followed closely by predators. The Africa of storybooks and documentaries, and we are bringing you to it, to Kenya. Explore, while absorbing some of the modern-day challenges which face the wildlife, people and conservation of this beautiful land...See More

Mozambique's Private Islands & Pristine Beaches: "Castaway Chic"

Dive with humpback whales, whale sharks, dolphins, and giant turtles. Sail on traditional dhow boats, fish for giant sailfish and marlin, lounge on pristine beaches and wade through turquoise waters- this is barefoot luxury at its finest...See More

Maasai Walking Safari: A Slow Safari Experience

Even the playing field by walking though the untamed beauty of the Maasai Mara tracking giraffe, buffalo, black rhino, zebra or even cheetah on foot as our ancient ancestors once did alongside a local Maasai tribesman and an expert guide...See More

Luxury Safari on Likoma Island, Malawi

Snorkel from your private dock through the serene crystal clear fresh water of Lake Malawi along a beautiful reef and arrive a few minutes later at an indulgent breakfast on the pristine white beaches of Likoma Island...See More

Gorilla Tracking Safari in Rwanda

Lounge with mountain gorillas in the rainforest among extinct volcanoes while they eat, play, climb and nap. With less than 800 left in the world, seeing them in the wild is something few will ever have the chance to experience...See More

Omo Valley, Ethiopia: Ancient Culture & Tribal Tradition

One of the most remote places on the planet, Ethiopia’s Omo Valley is home to stunning lakes and some of the most untouched ancient tribal communities on the planet. Marvel at their animal skin lion cloths, beaded headdresses, lip plates, brutal fighting exhibitions, and ancient scarification ceremonies that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time a thousand years...See More

Track Endangered Wildlife on Safari in Uganda

Imagine tracking endangered mountain gorillas and endangered chimpanzees in the same week as seeing all of the Big 5. Uganda's abundant wildlife makes it possible to watch both the mountain gorillas and chimpanzees eat, climb and curl up for naps...See More

Nomadic Bow & Arrow Safari: Hunt & Gather with a Traditional African Tribe

Step back in time and join the Hadzabe tribe, traditional click speaking hunter-gatherers, on a bow and arrow hunt in the Tanzanian bush as they fight for survival in a changing world...See More

Leopard Tracking Safari in Zambia

Track leopards in Zambia's South Luangwa Park, arguably the best leopard viewing in Africa.  These impossibly colored beasts drag full-grown impala up trees to savor a hearty meal away from the hungry eyes of other predators and scavengers...See More

Luxury African Safari on Horseback

Saddle into one of mother nature's most graceful animals high above the long grasses and seamlessly cantor alongside the elegant motion of impossibly tall giraffes and giant herds of elephants, buffalo and wildebeest...See More

Romance and Luxury Safari in the Namibian Desert

Get lost along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia where the Atlantic Ocean crashes into vast expanses of sand dunes. The shoreline is littered with shipwrecks, enormous colonies of seals, flamingoes, pelicans, jackals and prides of lion...See More

Historic Safari in Northern Ethiopia

Awe inspiring landscape views from some of the world's highest and most stunning vantage points, ancient churches carved into mountain-tops, city streets taken over by ancient religious festivals... Ethiopia's historic northern route will take you back to a magical time of kings, wild beasts, ancient traditions and raw and untouched beauty...See More

Jet Set in Cape Town

Swim with penguins, dine in a sleek oceanside restaurant, dance until sunrise with the young and beautiful, take an unforgettable drive along the endless cliffs, hike dramatic Table Mountain, witness the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean collide- Cape Town has it all...See More

Wine, Food & Luxury in Cape Winelands

Sampling top vintages is only part of the fun when you’re exploring South Africa’s wine country, now widely recognized as one of the most innovative wine-producing regions in the world...See More

Safari Adventure at Victoria Falls

Swim in a tranquil cove at the edge of Victoria Falls, raft down the mighty Zambezi River, laze poolside and gaze at the hippos bathing, take an elephant back safari, helicopter over the falls, and bungee jump beside them...See More

Elephant Fostering Safari at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Foster an orphaned baby elephant at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in the Nairobi National Park. Private visits for elephant patrons can be arranged at the Trust, and you will never forget this opportunity to meet your little guy in person and engage directly with one of the world's most beloved creatures...See More

Rhino Microchipping Safari

Get hands on with a magnificent pre-historic creature by joining a team that tracks and microchips Rhinos in the wild...See More

Zimbabwe Safari: Authenticity by Car, Boat and Foot

Zimbabwe is Africa at its most primal and raw. A re-emerging destination that attracts travelers looking for a deep wildlife experience, delivered by exceptional guides...See More

The Kingdom of Swaziland: A Royal Experience

Pocket-sized Africa. Swaziland is unchartered territory just waiting to be discovered. Nestled between South Africa, Mozambique and Kruger National Park, this tiny nation and one of Africa's only remaining monarchies offers an extraordinary variety of culture and adventure. Thrilling game drives, extraordinary rhino sightings, zip line safaris... See More

Maasai Wilderness and Elephant Conservation Safari

Safari in a remote, romantic corner of Kenya that contains some of the most diverse wildlife, iconic landscape and authentic culture in Africa, and that has captured the imagination of travellers and adventurers throughout history...See More

At Epic Road, we specialize in creating custom private luxury safaris that incorporate the planet's great adventures with thought provoking educational and philanthropic experiences. Above are just some examples of our favorite safaris in Africa. Please contact us at if you would like to learn more or to connect with one of our travel experts.