Cruise Through Antarctica by Zodiac or Kayak

Exploring Antarctica, one of the last remaining unspoiled wildernesses on the planet, is a life-changing experience. The spectacular landscape will take your breath away as you trace the footsteps of legendary explorers. A mix of state-of-the-art and time-honored vessels makes it easier to visit the bottom of the world, which was once inaccessible to everyone except the most fearless adventurers.

Antarctica Travel by Zodiac or Kayak
One of the most exciting innovations is the modern Zodiac, which traces it lineage to rigid-hulled inflatable boats first introduced in the 1930s. These versatile boats enable guests to disembark the cruise ship and travel among the icebergs. It provides up-close views of wildlife and access to the mesmerizing landscape. The rigid floor and solid hull design of the Zodiac enable the boat to provide a comfortable ride while traveling quickly across the water. The Zodiac has a larger capacity because it has greater buoyancy than a traditional boat, which creates a lower center of gravity and better stability. The boat is almost impossible to capsize. The shallow draft enables the small boat to reach close to shore. The motorized craft is highly maneuverable, which makes it ideal for navigating the rocky coastline and reaching places traditional boats cannot access. Because of their qualities and versatility, famous undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau used Zodiacs on numerous expeditions.

By shuttling passengers from the larger cruise ship, Zodiac excursions enable you to explore the inlets, channels and a variety of landing sites. You can observe whales, seals and penguins in their natural habitats. View pods of humpback whales on their annual migration along with rookeries that contain thousands of penguins as well as several species of seal frolicking along the shoreline. You can also visit scientific research stations, museums and historic sites. See where scientists study the atmosphere, oceans and stars. Visit museums and monuments dedicated to Ernest Shackleton, Robert Scott and other distinguished explorers and seafarers. Embark on a hike to vantage points that offer magnificent panoramic vistas of this White Desert.

The number of sightseeing trips that you will make each day depends on the weather and the length of each excursion. Since there are no docks, most excursions will have wet landings. As the nose of the boat is positioned against the shore, you will disembark the Zodiac in approximately a foot of water and walk ashore. As a result, it is important that you wear the protective clothing specified by your cruise line.

For at least 4,000 years, sea kayaks have enabled people to explore coastal waters, rivers and inlets. Unlike a Zodiac or other motorized boats, a kayak is quiet, which means that you can get closer to penguins and other animals as they feed or sleep nearby. Hear the natural shifting and cracking of the ice, uninterrupted by the noise of the modern world, as you glide across fjords flanked by towering glaciers and icebergs whose silhouettes reflect off the clear water. Led in small groups by an experienced guide, a kayak adventure is an opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring sea life and majestic icy habitat in a more intimate and personal way. Enjoy the independence, solitude and tranquility that only a kayak can provide while exploring the rookeries and other nesting sites dispersed along the coastline. The excitement of whales, seals and penguins surfacing nearby is an experience that you will remember for years to come.

Antarctic Zodiac and sea kayak excursions will rekindle your adventurous spirit. Let Epic Road help you in create a dream itinerary for an once-in-a-lifetime vacation to this powerful and unforgettable wilderness.


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