Safari Packing List - What to Pack for Safari


safari packing list

How should you pack for your African Safari? Packing for any type of trip, be it a weekend getaway or month-long immersion, can seem daunting. However, Epic Road prepares you for every type of weather and possible adventure on your African Safari. With our tried-and-true checklist that follows, you won't leave anything behind!

Packing Tips - Luggage Restrictions

Please keep in mind that there are often strict limits on luggage when you go on safari. These restrictions vary by destination, so check with Epic Road before packing. For smaller bush flights soft-sided duffel bags are required, and maximum weight is often 44 lbs per person, but sometimes, in Botswana for example, weight allowance can be as low as 33 lbs per person. While there is sometimes some flexibility with weight, and it’s sometimes possible to purchase an extra seat to accommodate more, there is no getting around the rule that bags must be soft-sided.

There are also sometimes restrictions on length and width, so again please check with us about the rules specific to your itinerary.

Examples of soft-sided duffels with wheels are the L.L. Bean Rolling Adventure Duffel

Or the Eagle Creek No Matter What Rolling Duffel


Depending on where you’re flying from or to, we may be able to arrange to have luggage shipped or stored for you at an additional cost.

Packing List - Items Necessary for Travel

  • Passport
  • Photocopy of passport photo page with number, photo and important info.
  • Passport-sized photographs (in case of losing your passport, these can serve as a backup).
  • Necessary Visas
  • Yellow Fever inoculation certificate (depending on country).
  • Personal prescription drugs (allergy medication too!). Bring these in your carry-on luggage.
  • Travel insurance plan card
  • Anti-Malaria Tablets (if recommended by your doctor). Pregnant women may choose to avoid these tablets, but able travelers can start taking them a few days before arriving in Africa for optimal effectiveness. Please get advice from a doctor when getting your vaccines. 
  • Universal Voltage Adapter and Converter 

What to Wear on Safari

Due to luggage restrictions mentioned above, we suggest packing just two full outfits for your safari, so each day you can wear one while the other is being laundered. Most luxury lodges have laundry included. Also, weather can be chilly in the mornings and evenings, and very hot midday, so we suggest dressing in layers for maximum comfort. 

  • Comfortable Walking Shoes (we prefer breathable hiking boots that cover your ankles for walks in the bush)
  • Both T-shirts and long sleeve shirts. Most people prefer light-colored clothing, because darker colors attract sun and Tsetse flies.
  • Jacket and light sweater are best for early morning and evening game drives (we like the North Face Thermoball)
  • Hat, gloves, and scarf
  • Lightweight water-proof rain jacket
  • Shorts or light skirts
  • Jeans or cargo pants for cooler days and chilly evenings.
  • Swim and beachwear
  • Extra eyeglasses/contacts and a copy of your most recent prescription

What Else?

  • Camera, along with extra film or memory cards, batteries and charger. Zoom lens can double as binoculars for those who don’t want to carry both.
  • Binoculars A good pair can make or break your safari experience!
  • Toiletries Stored in zip lock bags.
  • Strong insect repellent. We recommend 20% DEET; more than that can be harsh on the skin.
  • Sunblock, sunglasses, hat, skin moisturizer, and lip balm. These are crucial for keeping your eyes and skin protected in the African heat.
  • Headlamp and extra batteries.
  • Ear plugs (evening animal noises can keep you awake!)
  • Melatonin to assist with sleep while adjusting to the jetlag.
  • Select First Aid supplies. Most hotels are equipped with First Aid kits, but it is smart to keep some supplies on hand such as bandaids, eye drops, antiseptic cream and/or pain relief tablets.

Looking for more advice to make your trip a success? Keep an eye on our blog for regular updates!


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