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An African family safari can feel like a daunting vacation for you and your children during school break, but with a little research and the right guidance Africa is without a doubt the most magical destination for all. Family safaris in Africa offer luxe accommodations, activities for all ages, and delicious casual dining (with familiar options for children). Proximity to untouched wilderness and traditional ways of life will stimulate your children's imaginations, elevate their awareness, enhance their perspective, evoke empathy and stimulate the development of leadership skills. A family safari in Africa is the ultimate bonding experience, and offers everyone a window into our collective heritage, along with a greater respect for how we all once lived in harmony with the natural environment. Epic Road specializes in creating luxury family safaris that are captivating, memorable and meaningful. Foster and bottle feed an orphaned baby elephant, watch lion cubs play in the grass, deliver solar lights to a community in need, or spend time with a traditional African tribe—all set against the beautiful backdrop of the most pristine wilderness on Earth: these are among the most special experiences a family can ever share.

While certain African countries aren’t child friendly, many like South Africa, Tanzania, Botswana and Victoria Falls encourage family travel and are especially popular during winter, spring and summer break. These destinations offer safe and luxurious accommodations with special activities for adults and children together and separately. At Epic Road, we work closely with each family to design the perfect holiday for everyone, paying particular attention to experiences that appeal to adults and children as young as five. Whether you’re looking to see animals in action, learn about another way of life with a nomadic tribe, make an impact with a local school or community, or simply play in your own private pool, villa, luxury tent or lodge, Epic Road can custom design the trip of a lifetime for any family that will long be remembered after you have washed off the dust of Africa.

Read here for more tips on how to prepare your family for an African Safari, and email us today to start planning your trip of a lifetime!


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