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Northern Lights Safari


Northern Lights safaris are the perfect way to experience the Aurora Borealis. The Northern Lights can be seen in Tromso, Svalbard, Lyngen and Alta, Norway as well as Alaska, Canada, Iceland, Finland, Scotland and Greenland. The Northern Lights band, also known as the Auroral Zone, is typically between 3º and 6º in latitude and 10º and 20º in longitude. In other words, Auroras occur near the magnetic poles and that is why you must travel to the extremities of the Earth to see them. As for the lights, they are caused by charged particles that travel down through space like beads on a wire and when they hit our atmosphere, the sky flares up in an incredible way. They are inexplicably breathtaking, and even the extraordinary photographs above don't do them justice. Chase the Northern Lights by snowcat, dogsled or on foot and pair this exhilirating experience with sensational skiing, snow mobile safaris and ice cave explorations. Our signature Northern Lights safari is romantic, thrilling, luxurious, inspiring and rejuvinating - so escape for a short while and let us exceed your wildest expectations. 


  • Dog Sledding: Imagine gliding across the frozen landscape - between glaciers, through valleys and along mountain passes - exactly like the original Arctic explorers: in a sled, being led by your own team of dogs, where the only sounds you'll hear are the gusts of wind and the slicing of snow. Whether for just a few hours or whether you committ to a longer multi-day dog sledding safari - prepare yourself for close-up views of some of the world's most stunning scenery. 
  • Ice Cave Explorations: After spending so much time on the glaciers, why not take a look inside? Ice caves form when melted water runs through the rock caves that underlie glaciers, thereafter creating a surreal world of beautiful frozen formations, massive crystal columns and dazzling dangling icicles. Ice caves are best explored with a guide, who can lead you safely into the depths of this magical natural winter world: it's a photographer's dream! 
  • Northern Lights Chase: Watch the winter sky transform into a phenomenal celestial kaleidoscope and chase the dancing lights across the Arctic and through the night - need we say more? 
  • Wildlife Wonderland: The Northern Lights are hardly the only exciting thing you'll see with us - keep your eyes peeled for polar bears, caribou, seals, foxes and so much more depending on your destination.
  • Perfect Powder: Be the first to carve a turn in the virgin snow on these remote mountains. Your guide will navigate you through serene open flanks and glacial drops that test your skill and endurance, and challenge even the most masterful of skiers. 
  • Local Intuition: Meet the locals and learn their secrets. Inuit guides will show you everything you need to know in Canada & Greenland, Sami people will help you discover the gems of Norway, Finland and Sweden.  



  • Spitsbergen Hotel - Svalbard: This historic hotel sits on a hill overlooking Longyearbyen and the Lars as well as the Longyearbyen Glaciers. The Spitsbergen offers superb views of the town and surrounding mountain peaks. Quintessential rooms are decorated with cultural and colorful details. 
  • Clarion Edge Hotel - Tromso: Perfectly situated on the waterfront in downtown Tromso, this property's innovative architecture beautifully reflects on the water's surface. Enjoy a comfort driven stay and experience the Northern Lights and distinctive northern Norwegian nature. 
  • Lyngen Lodge: This property sits high above the Arctic Circle, in an undisturbed setting with panoramic views of the spectacular Lyngen Alps. The Lyngen Lodge is the perfect base camp for Arctic activities including Northern Lights safaris, dog sledding, summit to sea skiing and seasonal whale watching. Traditionally constructed from Norwegian pine, with geothermic heating and a thick grass roof that provides natural insulation, Lyngen Lodge's small footprint of just 8 rooms allows them to focus on you and your experience. Unparalled hospitality and excellent cuisine paired with a convivial lounge with large panoramic windows and an open fireplace make for the coziest getaway.
  • Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel - Alta, Norway: Rome wasn't built in a day but Sorrisniva's Igloo Hotel was. This incredible property is built from scratch every year as the entire structure melts away in the Spring. Paired with a Northern Lights chase, snowmobile safaris, Nordic cuisine and dog sledding - you're in for the ultimate Arctic adventure.  So sleep in an igloo, chase the colorful hues, let huskies lead you over the hills and let Norway convert you into an Arctic explorer. For a signature winter wedding, make sure to ask us about the Ice Chapel. 
  • Ranga Hotel - Iceland: Overlooking the East Ranga River, and offering superbly uninterrupted views for miles, this charming property is found in one of rural Iceland's most stunning locations. Ranga's watchful eye, the aurora wake-up service and the hotel's new roll-off roof observatory guarantee you won't miss a thing. 
  • Ion Hotel - Iceland: Iceland's luxury & adventure hotel. Whether you are seeking a relaxing soak beneath the dancing Northern lights, a challenging trek across Icelandic glaciers or a day of fly-fishing in surrounding and plentiful icy rivers - Ion is the property for you. Throw yourself out there and do it all so you can fully reap the benefits of that wonderful exhaustion and well-deserved relaxation at the end of the day. Snowmobile, trek, explore, then come back, put your feet up, have a glass of wine at the award-winning Northern Lights bar, request a couples massage from the Lava Spa, melt away in the outdoor hot tub overlooking an incredible landscape, retire to your luxurious and organic room, wake up and challenge yourself all over again. 
  • Igloo Rooms at the Hotel Arctic - Ilulissat, Greenland: Located in Greenland's Ilulissat Icefjord, 250 km from the Arctic Circle, is the world's northernmost hotel - the Hotel Arctic. Stay in an Igloo room facing the sea and incredible icebergs, explore the grounds of Ilulissat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, indulge in the surrounding beauty, peace and quiet. 
  • Aurora Borealis Lodge - Alaska: An exquisitely rustic, spacious Alaskan log lodge - specifically designed for viewing the Northern Lights. Far away from city lights with north-facing expansive windows, prepare yourself for an unobstructed natural wonder.  
  • Northern Lights Resort & Spa - Canada: Perfectly situated within close proximity to many of Yukon's best wilderness parks, this property is a prime location from which to experience the Northern Lights. 160 acres of private land tucked away in the quiet, open countryside, close to the Yukon River, surrounded by pine forests and ringed by mountains - the Northern Lights Resort & Spa is a little piece of paradise, an oasis of relaxation.  


  • When To Go: Northern Lights occur year-round but we see them primarily during the coldest part of the Arctic winter, between the months of September and April.
  • Weather: Expect cold, short days and they're exactly what you want. The Northern Lights appear brighter across a dark, winter sky. 
  • What To Bring: Warm clothing is a must but it is helpful to know that for the more intense outdoor activities such as snowmobiling and dog sledding, gear and other equipment will be provided (snowsuits, gloves, boots etc...)