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Extreme Arctic Ski & Sail


Set sail on the ultimate adventure and explore the northernmost peaks of the Svalbard archipelago aboard a private yacht. Yachts navigate Spitsbergen’s west coast primarily during the Arctic summer months of mid-May through late August, and serve as floating base camps for extreme skiers who wish to tackle some of the most remote peaks in the world. Yachts can transport up to six guests along some extraordinarily beautiful routes, docking to allow full days of incredibly challenging skiing and trail blazing. The flexibility of private travel also affords an easy change of course, ensuring that each day skiers will find the best conditions possible, and make the most of their time off the grid. An expert guide will lead the group up the mountains and down, through virgin snow, steep glacial drops and open flanks. It’s by far the most exhilarating way to experience Svalbard.

What We Love

  • Skyline Views: Spitsbergen translates to “pointy mountains” and as you sail along the coast, the massive jagged peaks look like you’ve entered a storybook kingdom. The yacht explores the areas of Isfjorden, Forlandssundet, Kongsfjorden and Krossfjorden. Expect plenty of photo ops as well as countless jaw-dropping moments.
  • Perfect Powder: Be the first to carve a turn in the virgin snow on these remote mountains—some of which have never before been skied. Your guide will navigate the group through serene open flanks and steep glacial drops that test your skill and endurance, and challenge even the most masterful of skiers.
  • Flexibility and Access: The daily ski activities are completely determined by the group and can easily shift from extreme challenges to a more leisurely pace. You will consult closely with your guide and captain to steer the boat to areas that have top conditions for that particular day—ensuring that all aboard have the best possible day of skiing possible.

  Rest & Rejuvenate

  • Arctica II Yacht: Ruggedly luxurious, the Arctica II is your comfortable base camp on this thrilling adventure. The yacht features five cabins with private facilities, four for guests, and a communal area with windows that provide panoramic views of the breathtaking landscape. Enjoy all meals and beverages, including beer and wine, and a warm and cozy refuge after an invigorating day on the slopes.

What to Know

  • Extreme Ski & Sail is for experienced skiers only and includes hiking with a backpack and equipment, so participants must be physically fit and comfortable skiing on trails that have never been groomed.
  • This trip is offered from mid-May through August.
  • Winter temperatures can reach as low as 20+ degrees below zero, so dressing warmly in layers is required.
  • Some equipment is provided and you will receive a checklist of the items you must bring for your adventure.
  • Expert guides provide detailed instruction and handle safety issues.
  • All trip routes may be altered or cancelled due to weather conditions.
  • Age restrictions apply.